dont make me stand up

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nothing important really

People scream. People moan.

22 февраля 2021 в 7:54:34

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The worst mood will always give you hope that one day everything will be fine. While it is quite pleasant to lie to yourself, it is important to admit that there is always gonna be a mix of black and white lines in our lives, it will never be one-coloured. It brings us to the conclusion that hope can only destroy our already broken mental state. So should we have no hope at all to avoid hurting ourselves if our expectations don`t come true?

I say no. Humans are made to be hurt throughout all their life. A long time ago nature was the one torturing human race bringing up obstacles on the way to their happiness. Think of apple of discord.

However, when a human learnt how to conquer nature, it was nothing else left but to become the enemy of our own. And sadly we are doing great at it so far.

24 января 2021 в 15:19:29

Вот уж дела

Funny how we always say we are different from the others yet always hoping everybody to think and act as we would.
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